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Pee Wee 2

Pee Wee

Audience: Ages 4-6

Focus: Motor skill development, problem solving,

athletic movement, self-esteem building

Physical - Literacy - Training

Parisi Pee Wee classes teach fundamental athletic movements to children 4-6 years old. This class integrates age-appropriate educational strategies with motivational coaching.

Parisi Pee Wee will develop critical motor skills and problem solving abilities while building self-esteem and confidence.

Coming Soon

Pee Wee Memberships

Available Now

Pee Week 
Bronze Pass


- 1 Time a week

- No Enrollment Fee

- Term to Term Contract

- Cancel Any Time

$95 Billed every 4 weeks

Pee Wee
Silver Membership 


- 1 Time a week

- No Enrollment Fee

- 4 Term Contract

1 Term = 4 Weeks


$130 Billed every 4 weeks

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