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Team Fundraisers

Phoenix Villians Pro Day testing is a one day showcase that takes place at The 422 Sportsplex. At the Combine players will perform various athletic performance based tests. Athletes attend by invitation only. An athlete's performance during the combine will be shared with the athlete and their team.

The athletic tests include:

1. Biometric (Height W/O Shoes - Weight - Standing Reach - Wing Span)
2. Standing Vertical Leap
3. Max Vertical Leap (Approach Vertical)
4. Shuttle Run
5. Lane Agility
6. 3/4 Court Sprint with 10 Split
6. Yo - Yo (Beep Test)
7. Push Up Test
8. Pull Up or Flex Arm Hang


After the testing the athlete will be taken through a sample workout that will help them improve their athletic performance.

Sunday Oct 2, 2022 at 10:00am - 1:00pm

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